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Welcome to International Medical Cannabis Association!

We will be your international voice in promotion of medical cannabis standards, and support the development, growth, and integrity of the regulated cannabis industry.

International Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA) is a global body that represents the majority of cannabis product developers, distributors, practitioners, medical institutions and universities, producers licensed under Health Canada’s Cannabis Act and Regulations.

We support medical cannabis education, production and research

Through our partnerships and extensive cannabis companies and cannabis pharmaceutical sciences network, we work to support the development of the cannabis profession, through practice and emerging scientific innovations, in order to meet the world’s health care needs and expectations.

Leader of medical cannabis at a global level

IMCA is a recognized leader of cannabis at a global level. We continue to expand our presence and influence through partnerships with some of the world’s leading health, policymaking, education and science institutions.

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Groups & Institutions

IMCA offers valuable support to its member organizations in many different ways:

Work in improving medical cannabis practice.
Political and advocacy work.
Networking with other member organizations and developing new ideas and trends.
Recognition of cannabis organization’s and its members at an international level.
Increasing medical cannabis impact on health at a global level.



For anyone to be a member

Access to IMCA medical cannabis conferences at a significantly reduced rate.

Access to medical cannabis programs and communications.
Access to workshops and seminars.
Networking opportunities to meet international colleagues and exchange experiences, views and information.


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