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Aug 25th – 27th 2023

Address : TBD

IMCA conducts annual cannabis medical-educational conferences and brings together cannabis experts, licensed producers, industry professionals, large- and small-scale businesses, and cannabis students from across the world. Our educational conferences set the platform to share, build, network, and understand the growth of the cannabis market in the commercial and recreational sector and the projection of the industry in North America, especially in Canada.

These well-structured conferences typically happen in a span of two to three days involving cannabis seminars, guest speaker sessions, educational workshops, corporate presentations, Q&A sessions, training programs, and other cannabis related discussions. We aim at building the conference to serve as a one-stop opportunity to meet potential clients, employers, cannabis consulting experts, or cannabis providers that may develop your career, business, or educational path.

With extended affiliations, IMCA provides personalized networking opportunities for anyone looking for specific outcomes from attending these educational conferences. Our affiliation with NACPT Pharma College has produced thousands of cannabis graduates from diploma and certificate programs who are working in various successful cannabis companies or have built their own businesses in the industry. (See all the student-hired companies here.)

IMCA also offers specific membership for students and individuals seeking career change or upskill in the cannabis sector, to get free program consultation and to be introduced to the right programs. Being a student member of IMCA also naturally puts you as a priority for many employers in the industry, affiliated with the organization. We keep all student profiles updated to help connect skilled employees to potential employers as positions open up.
Testing, analysis, consulting, validation, R&D, and related services can also be provided by IMCA member companies to cannabis cultivators, licensed producers and QAP’s looking for such businesses. (Checkout our affiliate Validation Tech Inc for more!)

First Educational Medical Conference in Canada

IMCA conducted the 1st Educational Medical Cannabis Conference in Canada in the year 2017 and was recognized as one of Canada’s major cannabis events. The conference theme presented the investment, economic, career development, and current regulations in the cannabis industry.

IMCA in affiliation with NACPT Pharma College brought together a highly qualified panel that included healthcare professionals, scientists, and respected industry leaders to share their expertise in various sectors of the cannabis industry. The speaker panel shared their knowledge and experiences of various current trends in the pharmaceutical industry and cannabis retail space. They conducted workshop events for IMCA members and attendees encompassing a professional series of medical cannabis training along with the approved certification.

Various industrial experts conducting seminars on relevant topics

Panel Discussion

Here are some of the questions from the attendees which were discussed by the speaker panel following the event:

  • What are the prospects of starting a cannabis business in Canada?
  • What are the legal realities related to cannabis sectors?
  • How to deal with medical or recreational cannabis at workplace, policy making when dealing with Cannabis products and employees?
  • How do we consult patients and consumers?
  • How to proceed with the licensing process with Health Canada?
  • How to develop a product in the cannabis industry?
  • What is the importance of clinical studies and validation?
  • And much more…
  • To have a more in depth understanding of all topics covered in the conference, please have a look at NACPT’s Professional Series of Medical Cannabis Workshops.

Speakers answering questions from the audience

Event Speakers

Pauline Garrard

CEO - Canna Relief Consulting Canada

Kathleen Hedley

Director, Green Amber Canada; Former Director of Health Canada

Jonathan Fernandes

President of Green Amber Canada

Hyder A. Khoja

Elocutionist, Philosopher, Visionary Entrepreneur & Business Savvy

Karim Meghji

Senior Scientist

Gavin Clark

Managing Director, Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals Faculty Member of Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

AKM Abdul Hai

– Organic Chemistry, PhD

Rathi Param

President / Founder & Dean
– B.Sc., Post Graduate Pharma QA & QC, MBA / TECH

Rathi Paramasamy

Founder of International Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA)

Pauline Garrard

- CEO-Canna Relief Consulting Canada

Kathleen Hedley

- Director, Green Amber Canada; Former Director of Health Canada

Karim Meghji

-Senior Scientist Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, CRO/CMO and CDMO

Jonathan Fernandes

- President of Green Amber Canada

Gavin Clark

- Managing Director, Delta Eight Pharms Inc.

Dr. Hyder A. Khoja

Elocutionist, Philosopher, Visionary Entrepreneur & Business Savvy

Dr. AKM Abdul Hai

Senior Scientist

Event Feedbacks

The conference had a staggering outcome of positive and constructive reviews from attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and media publications. Attendees had an in-depth learning opportunity that provided great insight into the future of medical cannabis in North America. With a wide range of medical cannabis educational presentations and participation in panel discussions on both days, attendees were able to have their questions responded to.

Attendees giving feedback interviews and networking with speakers

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Attendees giving feedback interviews and networking with speakers