Join The IMCA Family

The future of medical cannabis is vast, and the opportunities lie in the hands of specialists like you who wish to take it forward! Here at IMCA, we have built a long-standing relationship with all our members based on trust, reliability, and quality in our services.

IMCA helps you connect with accomplished organizations and individuals, including product developers, distributors, practitioners, medical institutions and universities, and producers licensed in the Cannabis industry.

Join us at IMCA to create an efficient network to collaborate and expand your business and career in future.


IMCA offers valuable support to its member organizations in many different ways:

Major Services

  • Work in improving medical cannabis practice
  • Political and advocacy work
  • Networking with other member organizations and developing new ideas and trends
  • Access to IMCA medical cannabis conferences at a significantly reduced rate
  • Access to medical cannabis programs and communications
  • Access to workshops and seminars
  • Recognition of cannabis organization’s and their members at an international level
  • Increasing medical cannabis impact on health at a global level
  • Start-up business initial consultation – free

Global trends and advancements

  • Newsletter keeping you in the know about significant trends and the actions of other cannabis organizations and stakeholders
  • Sessions during seminars and webinars highlighting new activities and roles for the medical cannabis sector
  • Special research related to medical cannabis
  • Publications on professional services (practice, science and education)
  • Exclusive reports such as sustainability of cannabis services: Advancing global health
  • Keep up to date

Current Best practices

  • Global database with examples of projects and initiatives developed by cannabis associations
  • Leadership programs and sessions
  • Interprofessional education in the cannabis sector
  • Report on outcomes
  • Get help

Personalized support

  • One-on-one consultancy on good practice
  • Projects to build capacity and boost medical cannabis education in countries with limited resources
  • Letters of support from IMCA to your government
  • Presence at your national event

Advocacy tools and support

  • Advocacy tools for use with governments
  • Access experts
  • IMCA statements and joint declarations with key partners

Global network

  • Virtual and face-to-face network of cannabis leaders from all our member organizations
  • Online meetings and seminars on current topics
  • One global voice for the cannabis organizations