Our Focus

Presentations and Workshops by IMCA Canada.

The Association focuses on both user care and improved public health, and is committed to product safety and quality, secure and reliable access and the promotion of the safe and effective use of cannabis.

“The cannabis/marijuana plant contains several molecules that may prove useful for treating a range of illnesses or symptoms, leading many people to argue that it should be made legally available for medical purposes”

Dr. Hyder A. Khoja

Co-Founder of InMed Pharmaceuticals; CSO for NASHPharmaceuticals

Dr Danial Schecter

Co-Founder and Medical Director of the Canadian Cannabinoid Medical Clinic (CMClinic)

Rathi Paramasamy

- Validation Scientist and founder of Validation Tech and NACPT Pharma College Corp

Pauline Garrard

- CEO-Canna Relief Consulting Canada

Jay Carnahan

CEO of Tresvertol Inc.

Jonathan Fernandes

- President of Green Amber Canada

Alex Goldstein CPP

Security Consultant, GV Solutions & Consulting

Karim Meghji

Senior Scientist

Kathleen Hedley

- Director, Green Amber Canada; Former Director of Health Canada

Gavin Clark

- Managing Director, Delta Eight Pharms Inc.

Dr. AKM Abdul Hai

Senior Scientist

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